Our Owners

Joseph Giacomo
Joseph Giacomo

NJ State Certified Driver Education Teacher with over 30 years of experience. Joseph started teaching driver education at St. Pius X High School in 1986. He then continued teaching at Jersey City Regional Day School where he encountered many students with learning disabilities. In 1987 while still teaching in Jersey City, he opened Edison Professional Driving School. Joseph is the Vice-President of the Driving School Association of NJ and is currently teaching driver education theory at the Job Corps Center in Edison and Wardlaw-Hartridge School, as well as instructing at Edison Driving School. He has spent his entire career teaching people the art of driving. “The mechanics of driving are relatively easy to teach, it is the understanding of the relationship between the driver, the road, the car, and safety which must be instilled in all of our new drivers.” Joseph prides himself with the development of one of the best driving schools in the state.

Dina Giacomo
Dina Giacomo

President, Driving School Association of NJ (DSANJ)

President of the Driving School Association of NJ and co-owner of Edison Driving School for over 32 years, Dina has a bachelor’s degree for Rutgers University.  She is a state certified instructor and manages the daily operations of Edison Driving School.  In addition to her obligation at the school, Dina has appointed seats on HTSPAC, Highway and Traffic Safety Policy Advisory Council and NJDEC, NJ Driver Education Committee.  There are only two driving schools in the state that were asked to send a representative and she is honored to be one of them.  Dina is part of a team of safety professionals that educate the public and advise the legislature in N.J. about all aspects of driver education.  Many of the safe driving laws of today were hatched during these council meetings.  “As parents, we provide all types of lessons for our children and spend hundreds of dollars on dance, sports, music and tutors.  It shocks me when the first question a parent asks about my school is the price of the only lessons their child will take that can actually save their lives.”

Our Instructors

</p><p><center>Richard Kondrk</center>

Richard Kondrk

Rich is a High School teacher at Colonia High School and also a football coach. Rich has a Master’s degree in education.  He has the unique ability to relate to our 16-year-old students. Rich has been with our school for over 16 years. He returns to us each year after football season, and we cannot wait to have him back. Rich teaches predominately our high school students living in the Woodbridge, Clark, and Edison areas. Rich is very pleasant and calm and is able to put even the most nervous beginners at ease. Rich has a unique understanding of the high school aged student and is an asset to our school.

</p><p><center>Michael Meagher</center>

Michael Meagher

Mike is a teacher at Edison High School and also a basketball coach.  Mike works for us after school and during the summer. Mike has been teaching for us over 7 years. We feel that there is not a better qualified instructor than a high school teacher. Mike is already familiar with the uniqueness of a 16 year old since he encounters them every day. He understands how to teach and get his point across to his students in an efficient and direct manor. Mike has completed courses with us in defensive driving and is an asset to our school. He has a very relaxed and pleasant personality.   Mike is also familiar with teaching students with learning disabilities.  He is patient and takes a lot of extra time helping his students become proficient drivers.

</p><p><center>George Gatta</center>

George Gatta

George G.  has been an instructor for Edison Driving School for over 18 years.   George performs his job with the utmost of respect for his students and prides himself with his success of turning the most apprehensive student driver into a proficient and safe motorist. George not only teaches our 16 year old student programs but also re-introduces many of our older students to the road. He evaluates senior drivers and also instructs students with ADHA, ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome. George currently runs our program with the Center School in Raritan which is a special school for children with emotional and psychological issues. His patience, understand and extreme knowledge of these students and his expert driving instruction has helped many students achieve what was thought to be impossible. George is also certified to provide the written test and eye test to his 16 year old students.

</p><p><center>George Martis</center>

George Martis

George M. has been an instructor for over 15 years at our school. Previously to joining Edison Driving School, George was an instructor for A-1 Peck Driving School located in North Jersey. Over all, George has 20 years of experience. George can teach anyone to drive. He is relentless. George is the instructor at our school that gets the most requests. He teaches many of our high school students but also has a large senior following. He also is an expert in teaching our foreign students. His unique teaching techniques have turned many senior and foreign students into proficient drivers. He is always honest with his students and has no problem spending extra time with the parents or spouses of his students, often giving free time to the students so that their parent or spouse can sit in on a lesson and observe George’s technique. He is also certified to give the written and eye test to his 16 year old students. George is always upbeat and truly enjoys his job. He is always happy and smiling. To relax, George spends as much time on the golf course as possible.

</p><p><center>Scott Malecki</center>

Scott Malecki

Scott has a degree in Political Science and is a full time employee at the Middlesex Family Court. Scott has the ability to understand the psychology behind successfully teaching a young adult. He brings his educational background and knowledge of our driving laws into each of his lessons. He works both Saturday and Sunday and we are very lucky to have him here at Edison Driving School. Scott has been with us for over 5 years.  He is patient and kind and very enthusiastic about his role as a driving instructor.  He is always smiling and optimistic.  Scott understands that each student is unique and requires a personalized driving program.

</p><p><center>Nick Ruta</center>

Nick Ruta

Nick is a 5th grade teacher in Colonia and a football coach at Colonia High School. Having a certified teacher and high school coach on staff is invaluable. The patients and understanding that he shows his 5th grade students carry over  during his driving instruction. Nick works for our school on weekends and during the summer. He has been with us for over 5 years and is an asset to our company. Nick has a very pleasant and easy going personality that he brings into the car and uses to put our students at ease.

</p><p><center>Anthony Reinoso</center>

Anthony Reinoso

Anthony is a Health and Physical Education teacher at Linden H.S., and also coaches football and Wrestling at the high school level. He has been with us for the past 4 summers and brings many years of Drivers Education to our school. He has over 20 years’ experience teaching Driver Education Theory in both the Woodbridge Township and Rahway School Districts as well as at Linden Public Schools. He is very proud of his work helping high school sophomores pass the N.J.State Knowledge Test. His outgoing personality makes our students look forward to their driving lessons as they learn techniques and the rules of the road.

</p><p><center>David Elliott</center>

David Elliott

David has a background in public safety and security. He is extremely knowledgeable about the N.J. driving laws and regulations. In addition to working with us, David does extensive volunteer work in his community. David is patient and compassionate. He is certified in defensive driving and is of course state licensed to provide behind the wheel instruction. David’s calm demeanor and pleasant personality will put even the most nervous drivers at ease.

</p><p><center>Michael Fischer</center>

Michael Fischer

Mike comes to us with an extensive background in student development. Mike has worked in the school system since 2008. He specializes in students with learning disabilities. He is passionate about teaching and is extremely capable of providing even the most nervous students with quality, comprehensive and thorough driving instruction. His extensive experience in the classroom makes Mike a valuable asset to our company. Mike is very accommodating and can provide lessons to students with difficult schedules. He is patient and kind and will gladly help each student succeed behind the wheel.

</p><p><center>Donald Leonard Jr</center>

Donald Leonard Jr

Donald’s background is in driver safety. In addition to working with Edison Driving School, Donald is also a truck driver safety instructor. He is responsible for reviewing dash cam video of his drivers and correcting their errors and teach them accident avoidance. We feel the Donald brings a unique set of skills to our family of instructors. He has over 20 years of experience in accident avoidance training and instruction. Donald also has a comprehensive understanding of the traffic and safely laws in our state. We are pleased to have him join our Edison Driving School Team.

</p><p><center>Michael Pryor</center>

Michael Pryor

Michael is a graduate of South Plainfield High School and attended Middlesex County College where he studied Psychology. Before joining our Edison Driving School family, Mike worked as a manager in sales and customer service. He has a very pleasant personality and calm demeanor which is critical when teaching nervous first-time drivers. We are pleased to have Michael on staff and he looks forward to making our students careful and conscientious drivers.

COVID-19 Update: Edison Driving School is still accepting applications.

Call us, or email us at info@edisondrivingschoolnj.com, and we will send out registration paperwork so that students can begin lessons as soon as the state allows... While we respect the “stay at home directive”, we also understand the importance of outstanding driver education to both our students and parents. Edison Driving School is also certified to give the state written exam to 16-year-old students - many of whom will not be able to take the state exam now that the high schools can not offer in-class driver education. Contact us today to begin as soon as the directive is lifted.