Practice Written Exam

#1 A red flashing light means:

#2 At what minimum age can a permit holder obtain a basic drivers license?

#3 If a bus has pulled off the road into a school parking lot to pick up children you may:

#4 You may not park within how many feet from a fire hydrant?

#5 Which has more alcohol:

#6 You may pass another car if:

#7 Baby seats should be put where?

#8 A truck will take how much longer to stop on a wet road than a car?

#9 The permit holder, under the age of 21, must hold a permit for how long before they can take a road test?

#10 The legal BAC limit for someone over 21 is

#11 A person under the age of 21 may have a BAC level of

#12 Substance that effect a persons drivng:

#13 A truck, because of its size, will have which of the following:

#14 When using hand signals when driving, if the drivers arm is downward it means:

#15 When using hand signals when driving, if the drivers arm is upward it means:

#16 You may not park within how many feet from a cross walk?

#17 If a person’s BAC reaches a level of .05%, the chances of having an accident increases:

#18 The penalty for driving on private property to avoid a traffic signal is:

#19 A driver who refuses to take a breath test in NJ is subject to a violation surcharge of:

#20 Under the GDL rule, which passengers must wear seat belts in the car?

#21 The fine for violating any GDL restriction is:

#22 An orange sign means:

#23 In NJ, it is mandatory to have:

#24 An eight sided sign is

#25 A deceleration lane is:

#26 To receive a special learner’s permit, the student must complete which of the following:

#27 A green arrow means:

#28 Hydroplaning Occurs:

#29 When using hand signals when driving, if the drivers arm is straight out it means:

#30 When parking a vehicle facing uphill and there is a curb on the right side of the car:

#31 To communicate with another driver you should:

#32 It is best to use which of the following distance rules on dry roads?

#33 To drive in reverse, the driver must:

#34 Roads are most slippery during:

#35 At a railroad crossing, when there are flashing lights or ringing bells, a motorist must:

#36 The Good Host Law states that:

#37 When parking a vehicle facing down hill:

#38 The Safe Corridor Law:

#39 The car that is accepted at the road test must have:

#40 To avoid Hydroplaning a driver should:

#41 Lying on an application to obtain a NJDL:

#42 A railroad sign is:

#43 A permit driver over the age of 21 has which of the following restrictions:

#44 A GDl permit driver may use:

#45 The most common parking on a city street is:

#46 An acceleration lane is:

#47 A red, triangle sign means:

#48 In city driving, you should look:

#49 To avoid Highway Hypnosis a driver should:

#50 The first signs of intoxication is:





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