The following is an explanation of our rates and hours of instruction. This is designed to erase any doubts or questions you may have when contracting our services. Any additional services not listed are $55.00 per hour. We provide new, dual controlled vehicles for all lessons. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND/OR INCREASE! The total amount due is the current price, not a prior quote. Call 732-650-9288 if you have any questions.

16 year old GDL 6 hour program:
  • Includes a VALID special learner’s permit: All MVC work is done privately by our office.
    We NEVER bring a student to MVC and stand in those ridiculous lines.
  • 6 full hours of behind the wheel. Our students truly drive for 6 hours.
    Time does not start until the student is behind the wheel and no student spends any of their time at MVC.
  • State required eye test is conducted privately in our office. NEVER at MVC.
  • We provide the state written exam if needed, privately in our office.
    NEVER at MVC. (Additional fee for the written test is $25)
  • Road test date will be scheduled for the student at the MVC office.
    If you need our services on this day please contact us 5 weeks before the scheduled test.
  • Instructors are state certified and fingerprinted. All of the instructors are employees of the driving school.
    We NEVER use **sub-contact instructors.
  • All vehicles are insured and registered with our school.
    Insurance is in excess of the NJ state requirement, unlike some
    **subcontract schools where the instructors use personal vehicles with substandard insurance.
  • Over 30 years of outstanding driver education.
  • Receive an insurance discount certificate.
  • ** Subcontract instructor refers to an instructor that is not properly trained by their licensing entity.
    They independently operate under the wall license of a sponsoring school.
    Most do not carry adequate insurance and many avoid the Worker’s Compensation Laws of NJ.

The 6-hour program covers the following: These are mandated by the MVC.

1. Vehicle orientation
2. Brake control
3. Hand over hand steering
4. Right and left turns in a residential area.
5. Right of way
6. Reverse driving

7. K-turn and U-turn
8. Curves
9. Lane changing
10. Right and left turns in a business district.
11. Parallel parking
12. Highway driving
13. Simulated road test

Bronze Package
  • The student must be at least 17 years old and have a valid MVC permit.
  • Includes 6 hours of behind the wheel training in our new, dual controlled vehicle.
  • Lessons are offered 7 days a week. Free door to door pick up.
  • Receive an insurance discount certificate which allows for a reduction of 10-15% for 3-5 years.(Check with your insurance company)
  • Sessions are either 2 hours long or 1 1/2 hours long. No 1-hour appointments.
Silver Package
  • 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction
  • Students must have a VALID PERMIT
  • Learn advanced accident avoidance techniques.
  • Expressway driving and merging in high traffic situations.
  • Insurance reduction certificate provided.
    (Check with your insurance company for details).
Gold Package
  • 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction
  • Students must have a VALID PERMIT
  • Advanced defensive driving techniques.
  • Night time driving.
  • Extra training on busy highways and expressways.
  • Insurance reduction certificate provided.
    (Check with your insurance company for details).
Road test service
  • **Please call us 5 weeks prior to the test to reserve this service.
  • If the student does not require a practice lesson then the service for just the car for the test is $130.
  • REMEMBER….the car used for the test has certain MVC requirements. Please call the office for details.

***** Due To the Rising Cost of Processing, there will be a 3% convenience fee on all credit card transactions. *****

What makes us unique?

Edison Professional Driving School is owned and operated by a state-certified driver education teacher. We are also a full-service school which means we carry a special license which enables us to provide the written and eye test in our office for our 16-year-old students. We do not take our students to MVC and waste their time standing in lines. We do not use subcontract instructors and we have been in business for over 30 years.

Advanced road training

The state only requires 6 hours of lessons for 16 year old students and no lessons for anyone over the age of 17.  As a safety center we believe that this is just not enough.  During our advanced training, our students will learn defensive driving and accident avoidance, highway and expressway driving, merging and lane changing.  We also offer night lessons.  Call for more information.  Advanced classes are $110 per 2 hours.

Affordable fees and payment plans

Unlike other lessons that we send our children to, only professional driving lessons from a reputable driving school can be life-saving.  We all spend hundreds of dollars on sports, dance, art and academic lessons.  While all of those will advance a student’s success, none of those will save their life.  Do not choose a driving school based on price, choose a driving school that is experience and reputable.  We will provide payment plans designed to suite your needs.

16 year old student program

We offer the 6 hour program for 16 year old students which is mandated.  All of the MVC work is processed through our office.  We are certified to give the written and eye exam in our office, at the student’s convenience.  We never waste the student’s time sitting at MVC, our student’s get 6 full hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  The student will also receive a valid special learner’s permit and insurance discount certificate upon completion of their lessons.

17 year old and adult programs

You are a unique group of students.  While the state does not require any lessons, we recommend that any first time driver in the state of NJ take a minimum of 6 hours of behind the wheel training.  After obtaining your valid permit, simply call the office to schedule your program.  Lessons are offered 7 days a week and we have door to door pick up.  Driving lessons can be life changing.  Not only will you gain your independence, you will begin your driving journey with a friendly, calm, experienced teacher.

Tutoring for the written exam

We offer private tutoring to any aged student that is having difficulty passing the state written exam.  Our tutor is a driver education teacher.  The tutor will take you through the manual slowly and will also have you practice the MVC exam that is on line.  The written exam can be difficult to navigate, let us help you become a well-informed driver.



Re-evaluation for adult drivers

We conduct driver re-evaluation sessions for adult drivers.  These drivers have been sent us by their doctors so that we can determine their driving proficiency and safety.  The re-evaluation is done Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9am and 3pm.  We also provide lessons for those adults that have been suspended so that they can successfully re-obtain their license.


Defensive Driver Course

Defensive Driving Course helps new drivers gain confidence and experienced drivers gain skills that even years of driving in New Jersey’s busy roads can seldom bring.  Also, Insurance Reduction program helps reduce your Insurance rate annually for up to 3 years, after which you can retake this course and get more discounts on your NJ Insurance.

DDC-6, 2 point reduction class.

This course is provide on line.  It is 6 hours of classroom work.  Simply log on, create a password and complete it at your convenience.  It is offered 7 days a week 24 hours a day.  It is designed to teach defensive driving techniques.  In addition to receiving 2 points off of your driving record, participants may also receive a 5% reduction on their car insurance.  Many companies require this course to be completed by their employees.

COVID-19 Update: Edison Driving School is still accepting applications.

Call us, or email us at info@edisondrivingschoolnj.com, and we will send out registration paperwork so that students can begin lessons as soon as the state allows... While we respect the “stay at home directive”, we also understand the importance of outstanding driver education to both our students and parents. Edison Driving School is also certified to give the state written exam to 16-year-old students - many of whom will not be able to take the state exam now that the high schools can not offer in-class driver education. Contact us today to begin as soon as the directive is lifted.