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Acceptable 6 points of ID for our students.

4 point documents: One of these is mandatory

1. Original vital statistic birth certificate (US only).
2. US passport. (Not more than 3 years expired).
3. Citizenship papers.
4. Alien registration card and social security card.
5. Work authorization card with the social security card.

1 point documents: Pick 2 of the following

1. Students’ Social security card.
2. Debit card (For the student).
3. Health insurance card (For the student).
4. Written test card (From the high school).

Proof of address:

1. A school ID with a report card or transcript showing the students name and address.
2. Bank statement or paycheck stub. (Bank statement may be printed off the computer.)
3. A piece of mail no older than 30 days. Must be in the envelope addressed to the student.
4. Foreign-born students please call the office for further information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edison Driving School is a state licensed school. (Lic. # 134 87C).  All of our instructors are licensed and finger printed both for state and federal agencies.  They are trained extensively by our owner who is a NJ state certified driver education teacher with Masters Credits in driver education.  Our full-time staff has been with our company for over 20 years and our part-time instructors are high school teachers.  Both are owners are officers for the Driving School Association of NJ, and Dina Giacomo has a seat on HTSPAC. (Highway Traffic Safety Policy Advisory Council)

Yes, it is a NJ state regulation that all documents must be originals.  The birth certificate must also be the one from the office of vital statistics, not the hospital.  The owner brings new applications and documents down to MVC every morning to process permits. Once the permit is processed, documents come back to the office and are kept in a locked safe and returned to you at the student’s first appointment.

The GDL law is a step by step process that leads the new student from special learner’s permit to probationary license to a basic license.  Along the way, the state mandates and encourages parents to train their new driver’s properly and also practice with them for a minimum of 6 months.  After 6 months of holding a permit and reaching the age of 17, a young driver will be road tested by the state.  Upon successfully passing that road test, the 17 year old will be given a probationary license which carries a series of restrictions.  After driving violation free for one calendar year, that young driver will be given a basic license with no restrictions.   Statistics show that the leading cause of death among 17-24 year olds is automobile accidents.  The leading cause of young adults having car accidents is distracted driving and excessive speed.  The GDL law was designed to ease a driver into a non-restricted license and allow them to become more proficient and safe.  Any first time drive under 21 has a 6 month training period before being eligible for a road test while those over 21 must wait 3 months.  The hope is that during this time, the new driver will learn the proper art of driving and have extensive practice.

The GDL restrictions for drivers under the age of 21 are:

  1. Display one red reflective decal on the front and back license plates of the car they drive.
  2. May not drive between 5:01am-11pm.
  3. May not have additional passengers in the car, (beside their dependent children) unless a parent or guardian is their supervisory driver.  The supervisory driver must be over 21 with at least three years of driving experience.
  4. Over 21 there are no restrictions other than having a supervisory driver with 3 years of driving experience with them while they are on a learner’s permit.

The Motor Vehicle Study Manual is a required source.  Our practice exam is also an excellent tool.  If you have difficulty passing the written test, call our office and schedule a tutoring session.

After completion of your program, your non-valid permit will be signed by the owner and taken to MVC for validation.   A permit can only legally be validated after your 6 hours are complete. At this time a road test date will be reserved for you with the MVC test center. (If you want your instructor to take you for this please notify the office 6 weeks in advance of your test date.)  Your permit will be sent to you with a sheet of instructions.  Once you receive it, you are free to practice.

The car used for instruction is a new, clean, air conditioned, fully insured and dual controlled vehicle.  You do not need insurance while you are driving with our school.  Neither you nor your parents are liable or in need of insurance during your lessons.

Yes, cars that can be used at the test must not have any obstructions between the tester and student.  If a car has a console between the seats, it must have an emergency brake there as well.  The tester must be able to stop the car in case of an emergency.  The car must be registered and insured and have a valid inspection sticker.  It cannot have any dash board lights on.  For example:  “check engine light” or any other poor performance indicator.  Brake lights and directional must be working.  If you are unsure PLEASE call us.

COVID-19 Update: Edison Driving School is still accepting applications.

Call us, or email us at info@edisondrivingschoolnj.com, and we will send out registration paperwork so that students can begin lessons as soon as the state allows... While we respect the “stay at home directive”, we also understand the importance of outstanding driver education to both our students and parents. Edison Driving School is also certified to give the state written exam to 16-year-old students - many of whom will not be able to take the state exam now that the high schools can not offer in-class driver education. Contact us today to begin as soon as the directive is lifted.